GPIOs default state before the system bootup



I would like to know the GPIO default state before the system booted.
Can we change this default state ?



What module are you using? Do you want to know default state for a particular gpio?


I am sorry for not mentioning the module.
We are using wp7608 module.
We would like to explore the list of GPIO’s available for the user to control from linux.
and also would like to know the default states of each GPIO.
I hope the gpio default state of a single gpio line will be the same for all the gpio’s


If you are talking about GPIOs on IoT card, YES, you can set up default state, because n_reset line works fine on mangOH red. You have to set up GPIO state and activate n_reset line. If you set up high state on GPIO for example and activate n_reset line your initial/default state on GPIO will be high. I have tested this on mangOH red and green.
Unfortunately you cannot do it on FX30, because n_reset line works incorrectly and you will have uncontrolled states on boot. Please read post HERE about n_reset line.