gpioExpanderServiceRed, mqttClient and redSensorToCloud apps don't appear in the app status list



Currently, I Install Legato Platform and mangOH Red Platform on Target, (step 5 in the manual) , but at the end of the installation i don’t have 3 app ( gpioExpanderServiceRed, mqttClient and redSensorToCloud) in my “app status list” (see screenshot)!

Do You have any idea about the solution?

Thanks so much



What firmware do you flash on the wp ?
R14 or R15?


hi Francis,

R15 ( WPx5xx_Release15_PTCRB_EXE)


Run legato status before and after installing your mangOH system. If the number goes from N to N+2, then I think that’s an indicator that your system tried to install, but rolled back.



Reflash the R14 firmware.

If you use the R15 you must to change the toolchain and rebuild the legato.


@Francis.duhaut you’re right, thank so much


To expand on what @Francis.duhaut wrote, because it confused me:

@daav explained it here:

In short, R14 is the latest official release. If you want to go newer, the steps are here:

Thank you to both of you for helping us understand!