gpioExpanderService with MangOH Red



I would like to use the gpioExpanderService with the MangOH RED.

In the MangOH.sdef I can see the gpioExpanderService is removed from build with this explanation.

Is it possible to use it or not ?


 * There is a conflict between the following software components:
 *  - sx1509 Linux kernel driver
 *  - mangOH GPIO expander service
 *  - gpioexp command line program
 * All of these components attempt to control the sx1509 GPIO expander on mangOH Red. The sx1509
 * driver is required for other kernel modules such as the iot slot driver and the LED driver to
 * manipulate the GPIOs. The mangOH GPIO expander service is a userspace driver for the SX1509
 * which provides a service conforming to le_gpio.api to access the GPIOs of the sx1509 from
 * Legato apps. gpioexp is also a userspace command line program which can control the sx1509.
 * This program is called from the /etc/init.d/tiwifi provided by the Sierra Wireless Linux
 * distro in order to setup GPIOs to use the TI WiFi IoT card (without the iot slot module). The
 * fundamental problem is that the gpiolib implementation in the Sierra Wireless kernels doesn't
 * support accessing GPIOs from userspace through sysfs if they are not listed in the kernel at
 * build time.
// $MANGOH_ROOT/apps/GpioExpander/gpioExpanderService/gpioExpanderServiceRed


I uncomment the line and it works fine.

I use the push button and the Gpio_ext_rpi1 / 2 / 3.

Good !