GNSS - no 3D fix with WP7702


Will try.
If you check in one of your posts you can see that both TDOP and GDOP were invalid.
We still have to tes wether the velocity variables provide good data even if limited to a 2D fix.


Hi @epastor,

Yeah … wasn’t paying attention to that. I note that that post is showing a 2D fix also.

Thanks for doing the testing - I look forward to hearing how you get on.

ciao, Dave


My intuition tells me that there is a bug in the TDOP part. TDOP is the criteria that you can easily get just with a few number of satellites, so makes no sense to have an invalid value with 20 satellites being tracked.
If you invalidate TDOP, then all other variables should be invalidated.
I’m now digging into the legato code, but I’m not sure if the platform adaptors source code is available in github.
Will see.