Git repository structure



May I humbly suggest that this project adapt some sort of git structure, e.g. something similar to:

I just got started today with setting up for mangOH Red, but immediately got stuck with the issue in The mangOH repository now uses a Legato 18.05.1 feature

The Sierra Legato page ( unfortunately sports a rather old release of Legato, which then downloads the latest master branch of mangOH, causing build breakage.

Unfortunately, the git log of the mangOH repository is very hard to get a grip on when there are no releases or other possible breakage points, so there’s no obvious point to fall back to. At least some tagging and a develop branch would be huge steps forward! :slight_smile:


Hi @ze96,

Thanks for taking the time to make a suggestion. The problem is that it’s somewhat difficult to define what Legato features are old enough to use in mangOH code.

Possible criteria include:

  1. It’s in Legato master
  2. It’s in a Legato release (these are done monthly)
  3. It’s in the Legato release which was bundled with the latest WP firmware release for all supported modules (wp85, wp75, wp76, wp77)

Option 2 is the one that we use today. It strikes a balance between having to keep on the bleeding edge of Legato framework development and not being able to use new features because the Legato version bundled with a WP firmware release is really old.

WP85/WP75 release 16 just came out last Friday and that includes Legato 18.06.1. Prior to that, Legato 16.10.4 was shipped with WP85/WP75 release 15. If we had to support that, it would mean that we couldn’t use any new Legato feature developed in the past two years. mangOH is supposed to be about inspiration and innovation, so being restricted in that way doesn’t appeal to me. I am now referring to what I called option 3 above.

I know this isn’t exactly a solution, but I wanted to help you understand why we’re in the situation that we’re in.