Getting started - error on make yellow


I’m following the mangOH Yellow Getting Started Guide [Rev3] and all were fine until paragraph “Install Leaf and Build mangOH Software” point 9.

When i put the command make yellow I’ve got this error message :

(lsh:MANGOH-YELLOW-WP77XX) pi@raspberrypi:~/myWorkspace/mangOH $ make yellow
Not building LEGATO due to $LEGATO == 0

NOTE: When using leaf, these TOOLCHAIN_X variables don’t need to be passed to mksys.

mksys -t wp77xx --cflags=-O2 --object-dir=build/yellow_wp77xx --output-dir=build/update_files yellow.sdef
/bin/sh: 1: mksys: Exec format error
make: *** [Makefile:125: yellow_wp77xx] Error 2

Can you help me ?


That “NOTE:” is not an error message. It looks like the real problem is this line:

/bin/sh: 1: mksys: Exec format error

It seems like maybe the mksys executable is damaged or something. Can you run this without error?

mksys --help

It looks like you may be running this on a Raspberry Pi. I don’t know if anyone has had success using a RasPi as a build host for this stuff. It may be that the Legato build tools are not compiled to run on your host’s CPU architecture.

You can check your host’s CPU architecture by running

uname -m

You can check the type of executable you have installed for mksys by running

file -L `which mksys`


Hello Jen,

Thanks for your answer.
mksys is not recognised on the Rasp.

I found an old virtual machine that I updated and all goes smothly.

Thanks again.