FX30 - WP8548 - GSM to LAN Gateway


hello folks

runnig setup - FX30 - based on WP8548 - LAN over USB an SMSC LAN9500 (working). I need to get the WP after boot automaticaly connect to the available GSM network (2G/3G) and to route the traffic as router out on the LAN Port. Same functionality what the USB Interface offers - but over the real LAN Port. The USB-virtual LAN offers a DHCP server. This is not mandatory on the LAN interface but would be nice as well.
The first critiacal step - BLOCK ALL TCP/UDP traffic on the eth0 was temporaly fixed by editing the iptables.
i have now two questions:
1 - how can i save the iptables so that i can acess the WP after a reboot? Is there a solution? Or have to have i solve this with a script in the “rc.local”?
2 - how is it possible to get access on the GSM modem throug the linux so that i can use the WP as a router? Are their any examples available?

thanks :slight_smile: