Flash api not useable


I would like to write user data into an mtd partition, e.g. /dev/mtd6 (“swifota”) by using the flash API. Sadly the example program does issue an error: “le_flash.c ParsePartitionNameAndGetMtd() 193 | Unable to get the MTD partition table” and exits.
What could be the reason for this? Do I have to initialize something first, which is not mentioned in the example (taken from [https://docs.legato.io/latest/c_flash.html]? Or is it just because the mentioned partition must be mounted in before?

Thanks in advance.

have just seen that the reason for the issue is a call of an unimplemented function - taken from a default library. But there exists an implemented one under: “legato/platformAdaptor/fwupdate/mdm9x40/le_pa_fwupdate_dualsys/pa_fwupdate_dualsys.c”. This seems not to be used since its a singlesystem…
Any clues?