Feedback on APIs



We are working on releasing a set of high level APIs for alpha testers over the next few months.
The first one we plan to release is the Battery API by early November. Once that is done, we will release a series of API for sensors. What sensors do you think we should plan for and in what order? Your feedback is appreciated.



I was under the impression that all APIs are ready to be used. I am doing a project and have selected the MangOH Red as my main board, and I hope to be able to complete my project with it. I’m still waiting for digikey to ship out my board though. I would require the use of the battery and pressure sensor, so I would appreciate the API for that!

On a side note, is there another way to access the data other that the APIs?


You can use all exisiting legato apis on mangoh(

For your specific use case, you can see how we used the pressure sensor here;

Based on your feedback we will work on pressure sensor as one candidate for sensor API.


I think I was confused. I thought APIs meant a way to access sensor data. What do you mean when you say sensor API? Perhaps I could understand it more and provide better feedback.


User space API will provide a simpler way to access features. For example, have a look at SPI api in legato :
This offers a simpler way to access the SPI interface on the module. The idea is to offer such APIs for external hardware like sensors etc. Maybe the question should be modified to ask as to what are the most common sensors being used by the community so we can focus on those first.


I haven’t spent much time searching, but APIs for the UART and SD card would be awesome.