Failed to register mangOH red WP7702 on AirVantage

I failed to register the device on AirVantage, getting error: Context is not valid for the user (shown as the screenshot below), when I was walking through the set up procedure.
The dev. board mangOH red WP7702 has been previously used by another member in the team who has returned it to the team before leaving last year. so I’m not sure which account is registering this device on AirVantage right now and how to deregister it as an admin so that I can be able to register it on AirVantage under my account and get it up-and-run.

@thibs can you please look into this?

Hi Jeremy,
Please provide me with your SIM ICCID and device IMEI in private message (PM) so that I can have a look.

Hi Thibault,

I didn’t found out how to send a PM on the forum. Could you give me your work email address?