Failed to ping or ssh root@ on Legato VM

I have successfully installed the proper drivers on my host machine, Win 10. And ping and ssh root@ works on my host machine through Powershell (shown in screenshot below).

However, neither ping nor ssh succeeds on my virtual machine, Legato VM under Virtualbox. The device is recognized by VM (screenshot below), and I’m pretty sure it worked before, but when I re-plug in, it just stopped working.

The screenshot below is the USB settings on Virtual Box.

Seems you need to type

sudo ifconfig usb0

I tried, but it looks not working

this is just the naming problem, there is no usb0 on your linux machine.
You need to find out the naming in dmesg.

I read in another thread (some time ago) that the problem went away when the USB was not attached to the VM. Sounds counter intuitive but apparently the subnet routes OK though windows. Maybe worth a try.