External flash memory for mt7697


I’m building a firmware for the mt7697 with BLE/Wifi.
It looks like my .bss region wont fit inside my SYSRAM, which has 256 kb.
How do I enable the external flash memory so I can use both stacks (bluetooth and wifi?)


You might want to ask on the MediaTek forum


But have you guys done something on having both wifi and bluetooth in mt7607?


Are you using mt7697 or mt7697d?


(sorry typo in previous message. mt7607 -> mt7697)
Mangoh red schematics shows MT7697.


It is mt7697d in the bom, 7697 will not work for Bluetooth, not enough memory


If you’re talking about the bom found here, it says MT7697.

Still, if the MT7697 does not have enough memory, I think that was the reason you guys put the external flash, isn’t it? So, we just need to manage to use the flash.


Yes, we prove a quad spi memory on mangoh red for that


Correction on above, mt7697 is the correct part. I was thinking of mt7687.