Event handler name 'MqttClient connection lost notification'

Hi all! :grin:
I have a mangOH green with a wp7607 module and a WiFi Talon Mirage Rev 3 module.
I connected my mangOH to Internet through WiFi. I want to implement mqtt communication, sending messages to a broker. I’m using paho based SW and this is the COMPONENT INIT:

I have the following problem:

I’m sure that I haven’t connection problems, since I can rightly ping google ( Can someone explain to me where am I wrong? I will be grateful :pray:
Thank you for the attention

We have a very similar program created and what you have circled above is purely just a handler that could get fired if the connection is lost. I’m curious myself about all the truncation messages we see also, but things do appear to work ok even though the names are truncated.

Yes, the program works well also if the message is truncated. I rightly created the mqtt session, but when I try to connect with the broker mosquitto, using the function:
i have a socket error:

In your experience, what could it be? The mangOH is correctly connected to the internet …