Ethernet/IP over mangOH green



I need to interface PLC and mangOH over Ethernet/IP. Has anybody implemented Ethernet/IP on mangOH Green ? Does sierra wireless support stack for Ethernet/IP ?



Can you elaborate? Your question is not clear



I think cchins is reffering to the industrial standard Ethernet/IP (CIP), yeah this name is really confusing. This protocol is not so easy to implement so I think the better approach would be if you start looking at open source project like this:
It shouldn’t be a problem to port it to Legato Linux.
(I don’t know about any mangoh/legato specific project, but as this protocol is pretty heavy, i think it is advisable to use a big open source project, or buy the library)

We may also need to support E/IP in the future. Please tet us know what you find and your approach will be!




Thanks @tomalex for clearing the confusion.
@asyal as mentioned by @tomalex I am looking for an Ethernet/IP stack or library which can be ported on Legato framework so that I can use the Ethernet port on mangOH green board for communication with external PLC’s over Ethernet/IP protocol.
I did not find any information related to Ethernet/IP on mangOH forum, or Sierra Wireless websites. Let me know if you come across any Ethernet/IP sample projects developed for mangOH green.

@tomalex I will explore your suggestion and let you the results.