Error while stepping through Getting Started Guide

Trying to follow your Getting Started guide I receive:
$ leaf search -t mangOH

Fetching remote mangOH
Can’t fetch remote mangOH
Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)
please check your network connection,
or check the remote URL in leaf remote list,
or you can disable the remote with leaf remote disable mangOH
│ 0 package - Filter: only master and +mangOH │

I did some investigation and it turns out is down.
How should I solve this - do you have any mirror server or can you contact SW to fix the problem?
Or edit your guide so the steps work.


what does leaf remote -v show as the URL for the mangOH remote? It should be:

Here is what it shows:
$ leaf remote -v
│ 3 remotes │
│ Alias │ Properties │
│ legato-stable │ Url:
│ │ Last update: 2019-11-22 20:23:57 │
│ │ Enabled: yes │
│ │ Fetched: yes │

│ legato-dev │ Url: https://downloads DOT sierrawireless DOT com/leaf/legato/dev.json │
│ │ Last update: 2019-11-22 20:25:05 │
│ │ Enabled: yes │
│ │ Fetched: yes │
│ mangOH │ Url: https://downloads DOT sierrawireless DOT com/mangOH/leaf/mangOHyellow.json │
│ │ Enabled: yes │
│ │ Fetched: no │

P.S. I’ve split the post to two messages and reformated the links because the system does not allow me to post links.

I just checked the first two jsons are available, but the mangOH/leaf/mangOHyellow.json gives:

An error occurred while processing your request.

Reference #132.3fce0b17.1574752826.342afda3

It is “mangOH-yellow.json” and not “mangOHyellow.json” (a dash “-” is missing):

Thank you!
It turns out it is a copy-paste problem from the PDF of my Win machine to the virtual Ubuntu one… the dash was suppressed somewhere in the way.