Error when running mqttClient's testSubscriber

platform: wp7702 mangOH Red
firmware version: R13
toolchain: swi-wp77_4.0.1
legato version: 19.11.0_f079ce2041a66223c8478ecdc0345e28_modified

I tried to run the testSubscriber which built from mangOH/MqttClient under the branch use_paho_linux_version.
But when I run the testSubscriber with the command app runProc mqttClient testSubscriber. It will raise the error :

Jan  6 08:07:02 swi-mdm9x28-wp user.err Legato: =ERR= | supervisor[1069]/supervisor T=main | app.c app_CreateProc() 4154 | Executable path for process testSubscriber in app mqttClient cannot be empty.

What is the error meaning? And how can I solve this? Thanks.

How about using "app start your_app_name "?

I see the mqttClient is running. But I cannot run the testSubscriber.

Where is testSubscriber???

In another branch use_paho_linux_version

Can you attach your app here

mqttClient.wp77xx.update (668.8 KB)

how about " app runProc mqttClient testSubscriber --exe=testSubscriber"

After I updated the lib version inside “pahoLegatoComponent/Component.cdef”. It work now. Thanks for your help.