Error running BatteryChargerReading tutorial



I have attempted to run the BatteryChargerReading demo/tutorial but when I do a logread -f I only see errors (not 100% what I should be seeing but I assume not errors).

From what I understand there is no use of Arduino is this project so I am not sure why I’m getting an arduino bridge error.


Battery Charging IC/circuit in WP8548[closed]

Can you post your sdef file ?


@asyal I can’t find a sdef but I assume it’s an adef you are refering too. I have attached it as requested. I should mention I am using the default setup and just running “mkapp -t wp85 batteryReading.adef” on the provided files.

KasbatteryReading.adef (351 Bytes)


can you download program from github again and try?


i have tried the program on my unit and dont see the issue.
Can you show the mangoh.sdef located in /home/mangoh/mangOH/mangOH folder? It seems like you have a modified mangoh.sdef file that might cause an issue.


Here is my sdef file


mangoh.sdef (2.3 KB)


After doing a repo sync there is a difference between the new and old versions. Here is the new version.


mangoh.sdef (2.5 KB)

I should mention that there is no battery attached to my mangOH board as element14 doesn’t ship one with their kits.


After doing a “repo sync” the demo is now working. Thank you for your help.