Error Legato==0

I am getting an error when I run make (Legato==0).
I have flashed the firmware from using the Recovery Firmware tool from Developer Studio but this error still persists.

How do I fix this error?

Thanks in advance…

mangoh@mangoh-vm:~/mangOH$ make
echo “Not building LEGATO due to $LEGATO == 0”
Not building LEGATO due to $LEGATO == 0

NOTE: When using leaf, these TOOLCHAIN_X variables don’t need to be passed to mksys.

mksys -t wp85 --object-dir=build/green_wp85 --output-dir=build/update_files green.sdef
ninja: error: rebuilding ‘build/green_wp85/’: ‘/home/mangoh/mangOH/mangOH.sdef’, needed by ‘build/green_wp85/’, missing and no known rule to make it
Makefile:103: recipe for target ‘green_wp85’ failed
make: *** [green_wp85] Error 1

I think that you must precise the model of magnOH that you are using, for example red_wp77xx.
Which mangOH are you using ?

I am using module WP8548 .

Try to run make color_wp85 where color is the color of your mangOH (e.g: red_wp85)

Sorry I could not test “color_wp85” because I have already reinstalled the virtual machine with version -r4.ova ( I was using version -r2.ova). It´s working now.

However when I create a new project apparently it uses wp77xx in spite of Module WP85XX being selected in the Legato Application. Module WP77XX is unchecked. Then there is an error and the project cannot run .

After I close Developer Studio and open it again the error disappears and the project compiles but still showing a module wp77xx in the project tree.
Is this a bug or that´s the way Developer Studio works?