Error executing mux


I am trying out the “MUX Control” on
I am facing an error message when executing mux (line command).
error message "mux: error while loading shared libraries: /legato/apps/23…/read-only/bin/…/lib/ file too short."
Anybody facing the same problem?

muxCtrlService is running but legato console showing error message when started

“Process Legato swi-mdm9x15WP8548…/muxCtrlService/muxCtrlService has 1 missing bindings:
Missing binding:
Client Id:
Protocol Id:a814…
Service Id:.mangoh_gpioExp1Pin10”

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Can you try to set sandbox for mux ctrl as false?

start: manual
sandboxed: false



This commit to the MuxControl repository on github should fix the problem you are having with the mux command.

You just need to do repo sync to get the latest version of all of the mangOH repositories and then build and deploy to your target. If this doesn’t solve your problem, please let me know.


Hello David and Asyal,
Thanks for the reply. I did a “repo sync” but when when executing “make wp85”, error message appeared.

/home/cslee/mangOH/mangOH/apps/WiFi/service/daemon/Component.cdef:5:8: error: Couldn’t find ‘${LEGATO_ROOT}/interfaces/wifi/le_wifiClient.api’.
make:… Error 1

It seem that le_wifiClient.api is missing. Can’t find it on any of the directory using “find . -name “le_wifiClient.api””

Temporarily comment out all “wifi” entry from “mangoh.sdef”.

Ran into another problem. After “update system.wp85.update”, mangOH restarted but after ssh into mangOH and do a “app status”, the apps seem to be the original apps (without any of the extra apps, mux control, GPIOExpander etc).

Restarted from the beginning.

  1. rm -rf git-repo
    1a) rm -rf .repo
  2. rm -rf mangOH
  3. git clone
  4. PATH=/git-repo/repo:$PATH
  5. mkdir ~/mangOH && cd mangOH
  6. extract mangOH.xml from
  7. repo init -u “” -m mangOH.xml && repo sync
  8. cd legato
    8a) make
  9. bin/legs
  10. make wp85 (after remove any wifi entry in mangoh.sdef)
  11. update system.wp85.update

on the other terminal

  1. ssh root@
  2. app status
    [running] audioService
    [r] fwupdate…
    [r] gpio…
    [r] modem…
    [r] position…
    [r] power…
    [r] sec…
    [s] sms…
    [s] tools
    [s] voice…

it does not seem to include the additional apps

Did a “find -name “gpioEx*”” on top directory of the mangOH and found;

Did “legato version” on mangOH;

Appreciate on any input to solve the problem.

Best regards,



The WiFi API files are moving from mangOH/apps/WiFi into legato/interfaces in the upcoming release of Legato. It looks like the APIs were already deleted from mangOH/WiFi on the master branch. This should have been done on a separate branch. I am still thinking about what the best solution is, but I will try to figure something out today.


I reverted the last 3 commits in mangOH/WiFi which should allow mangOH to build without removing mangOH/WiFi from the sdef.

Please try to build and update again and let me know if you are still having problems with the update process.


Hello David,
“make wp85” seem to to be working but the second problem is still there (mangOH with original apps, no extra)
Noticed mangOH reset several time before actually came alive.

Found a few log files titled “syslog-gpioExpanderService-gpioExpanderService-14xxxxx” in /mnt/legato_logs.
Below are the last few lines of the log.

May 18 02:34:50 swi-mdm9x15 Legato: INFO | arduinoBridge[638]/bridgeComponent T=main | bridge.c mangoh_bridge_start() 625 | bridge started(0)
May 18 10:34:52 swi-mdm9x15 Legato: INFO | gpioService[646]/sysfsGpio T=main | gpioSysfsUtils.c gpioSysfs_SessionCloseHandlerFunc() 1090 | Releasing GPIO 2
May 18 10:34:52 swi-mdm9x15 Legato: INFO | supervisor[562]/supervisor T=main | proc.c proc_SigChildHandler() 1354 | Process ‘gpioExpanderService’ (PID: 751) has exited with exit code 1.
May 18 10:34:52 swi-mdm9x15 user.err Legato: =ERR= | supervisor[562]/supervisor T=main | system.c system_IsGood() 65 | Unknown system status found, ‘tried 4’, assuming a bad system.
May 18 10:34:52 swi-mdm9x15 user.emerg Legato: EMR | supervisor[562]/supervisor T=main | proc.c proc_SigChildHandler() 1393 | Process ‘gpioExpanderService’ reached fault limit while system in probation. Device will be rebooted.

Any input would be appreciated.

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Can you do the following:
cm info

Want to know what firmware version you have installed on the target.



Hello Ashish,

“cm info”

Device: WP8548
IMEI: 359377060011672
FSN: LL540300070203
Firmware: SWI9X15Y_07.09.02.00 r31541 CARMD-EV-FRMWR1 2016/03/31 20:05:28
Bootloader: SWI9X15Y_07.09.02.00 r31541 CARMD-EV-FRMWR1 2016/03/31 20:05:28

“legato version”


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I used the same firmware as you have and was able to download the system update file.
Could you try to redownload your firmware but follow steps below:
Please note that you need to know the SKU# of the module you are using and download the firmware accordingly.
So how do you know the SKU:
a. in a terminal on the mangOH, run microcom -E /dev/ttyAT
Then enter AT!ENTERCND=“A710” followed by AT!SKU?. Then CTRL+X to get out of the AT command mode.

b. then download the appropriate customer configuration. Please note that this process is only complete when you see the word "Enter…"
Do remove the USB plug or power cycle before. I would say wait for 5-7 minutes if you are not sure.

c. then download Carrier Configuration. Please note that this process is only complete when you see the word "Enter…"
Do remove the USB plug or power cycle before. I would say wait for 5-7 minutes if you are not sure.



Hello Ashish,
I had checked and downloaded the correct firmware.
SKU 1102816

I download the fw again and did the flashing again according to your instruction.

Did “app status” and still displaying the original apps (without the gpioExtender, muxControl, …).

Also remove the ~/mangOH directory and did the whole git clone according to my previous post. Not working too.

Can you let me know all jumpers and switches settings?

Trying to remove item from mangoh.sdef.
It seem that wifiService, wifiClienTest.adef, wifiApTest.adef, wifiWebAp.adef, wifi.adef, arduinoBridge.adef, dataRouter.adef and mqttClient.adef ok.

The problem related to gpioExpanderService.adef, gpioExpanderDemo.adef, muxCtrlService.adef and muxCtrlTools.adef.

Changed gpioExpanderService.adef; sandboxed -> true, start -> manual.
mangoh.sdef revert back to original mangoh.sdef.
“app status” shown as expected.
“app start gpioExpanderService” caused mangoh to reboot and gpioExpanderService stopped after reboot. ???

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Do you now see all the apps when you do app status?
Can you try NOTto make the change you did on gpioExpanderService.adef; sandboxed -> true, start -> manual? Keep the original settings.
For jumper, please install CN900 but this should not affect the problem you see as it is used to allow for interrupt capabilities of the GPIO expander.


Hello Ashish,

Restarted from beginning again from my previous post.

My mangOH unit will be reset for 4 times (output from UART) and all extra apps from mangOH appeared when I did “app status”. This is first time I manage to get this, strange!

Attached photo showing their status.

Appear that gpioExpanderService has stopped. Trying to “app start gpioExpanderService” again but failed.
From “logread -f” terminal, it show some error messages(in highlight).

Any idea what to do next?

Best regards,


Try the logread command to look at the logs. Hopefully this will give us a clue what the problem with GpioExpanderService is.

– edit: I see you provided some logread output. I think the image failed to load the first time I viewed this post.


Hello all,
Did “ls -alt i2*” on /dev.

crw------- 1 root root 89, 0 Jan 1 1970 i2c-0

Below is the boot message from UART (only shown the last part only)

Remapping /mnt/flash/home --> /home
net.ipv4.conf.default.rp_filter = 1
net.ipv4.conf.all.rp_filter = 1
Remapping /etc/profile --> /var/run/profile
Adding /legato/systems/current/bin to PATH.
date: invalid date '0519024003201605’
starting DNS forwarder and DHCP server: dnsmasq… [ 14.013825] NET: Registered protocol family 10
[ 14.026918] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth0: link is not ready
Starting Dropbear SSH server: dropbear.
Starting adbd: done
Finished Legato Start/Stop Sequence
Starting mbimd: done
[ 14.651091] adb_open
Starting tcf-agent: [ 15.020570] diag: In diag_process_hdlc, message is too short, len: 1, dest len: 1
[ 15.130047] diag: In diag_process_hdlc, message is too short, len: 1, dest len: 1
[ 15.284602] qup_i2c qup_i2c.0: QUP: I2C status flags :0x11143c8, irq:187
//* * * * * * * * *
[ 15.291103] qup_i2c qup_i2c.0: I2C slave addr:0x10 not connected
[ 15.341431] diag: In diag_process_hdlc, message is too short, len: 1, dest len: 1
[ 17.617549] mbim_open: Open mbim driver
[ 17.625362] mbim_open: Lock mbim_dev->open_excl for open
[ 17.640439] mbim_open: USB cable not connected
[ 17.652281] mbim_open: Exit, mbim file opened
[ 17.669830] mbim_read: Requests list is empty. Wait.
Starting linkmon: done UART2 (=/dev/ttyHSL0) reserved for CONSOLE

Poky (Yocto Project Reference Distro) 1.7.2 swi-mdm9x15 /dev/ttyHSL1

swi-mdm9x15 login: [ 20.650663] Timeout while waiting for reset

Not sure if the message after //* * * * * * * * (added by me) is normal or abnormal.

Best regards,


Hi CS,

Can you confirm that Sandbox is set to False?
You mentioned previously that you changed it to True.



Hello Ashish,
When I do the whole “git clone” again, gpioExpanderService.adef is original from mangOH (confirmed -> sandboxed: false and start: auto.)

Best regards,


BTW, on my unit I see:
root@swi-mdm9x15:~# dmesg|grep i2c
[ 0.186021] unmatched machine ID in register_i2c_devices
[ 0.972470] swimcu_i2c_init: start
[ 0.975766] swimcu_i2c_probe: start 1
[ 1.918632] wm8944_i2c_init
[ 1.918724] wm8944_i2c_probe
[ 1.957912] i2c-core: driver [tabla-i2c-core] using legacy suspend method
[ 1.963802] i2c-core: driver [tabla-i2c-core] using legacy resume method
[ 2.699404] i2c /dev entries driver
[ 14.885121] qup_i2c qup_i2c.0: QUP: I2C status flags :0x11143c8, irq:187
[ 14.900717] qup_i2c qup_i2c.0: I2C slave addr:0x10 not connected
[ 14.906271] qup_i2c qup_i2c.0: QUP: I2C status flags :0x1363c8, irq:187
[ 14.945368] qup_i2c qup_i2c.0: I2C slave addr:0x3a not connected
[ 15.091469] qup_i2c qup_i2c.0: QUP: I2C status flags :0x1363c8, irq:187
[ 15.103891] qup_i2c qup_i2c.0: I2C slave addr:0x3a not connected

Can you tell what you see?
What hardware version of mangOH are you using? Rev 7 or Rev 8?


Hello Ashish,
How to check?

Best regards,


It is above the Sierra Wireless logo, under the slider on your board

Your hardware version should rev 7, so it should be good.
Your issue is not i2c.
can you do : app remove gpioExpanderService

reinstall system file again.

can you also do : dmesg|grep i2c

It is difficult to see why your app is not starting right now.