Error Downloading Firmware WP77xx mangOH Red

Hi I’m following for the mangOH Red WP77XX.
I’m on step 7 - iv) in the guide (to download firmware onto the device). But I am met with this result while using swiflash:

swiflash -m WP77XX -i 9999999_9907618_SWI9X06Y_02.22.12.00_00_GENERIC_001.051_000.spk
Detecting USB of the target
Communicating with the target
Switching to firmware download mode
…ERROR: Failed to enter download mode

The device then becomes unresponsive and I have to power cycle it for it to enumerate again.

Anyone have any similar issues/ a fix?

If I encounter this, I try each of the following workarounds

  1. power cycle the mangOH
  2. run legato stop on the mangOH before running swiflash
  3. power cycle the PC running swiflash