"Error: defined but not used", while compiling applications on Legato

Hi Team,
I am trying to port Azure IoT C SDK on to Legato platform. I am getting some Compilation Errors. These errors are normally warnings in Linux Platform.

Is there a way for me to compile SDK even though I have warnings?

Also I have observed that the Legato platform is compiling couple of source files (not all) and deciding that the “Variables are defined but not used”. How to overcome this issue.
Is there an other alternative to compile all source files at once? if not how can I make legato understand that it has to take them as warnings but not errors.

Please help me with the issue.

Thanks and Regards
Pallavi B

in the C compiler option, you need to add something like “-Wno-error=unused-variable”.
For example in VSCODE(leaf shell):
(lsh:swi-wp76_4.7.0) owner@ubuntu:~/leaf$ mkapp ./apps/Demo/IPC_step1/loggerServer1.adef -s components -t ${LEGATO_TARGET} -w ${LEGATO_OBJECT_DIR} -o ${LEGATO_OUTPUT_DIR} -C -Wno-error=unused-variable