After installing my ENET IOT card from Element 14, I don’t see it recognized at boot time. Has anyone got this working and have any advice on where to find documentation on the card and info on a driver module.


Did you bring the card out of reset?


Can you describe how to do that - or better yet, point me to some documentation?


for slot 0, mux 15
slot 1 , try mux 16
slot 2 mux 17

We will do a video tutorial and release it in the next couple of weeks.



I have a FX30S with IOT Ethernet card . Is the Ethernet card automatically detected or how must be the set up? Is the video tutorial ready?

Thank you


I believe the ethernet IoT card will automatically show up without any configuration because it’s USB based. You may have to take the IoT slot out of reset though. I’m not really familiar with the FX30 so I don’t know which IO is connected to the IoT slot reset pin and thus I can’t say how to control it.

This information should be in the FX30S user guide on page 58 under the table IoT Connector Interface, but it’s missing. I dug around a bit in some internal documents and it seems like it might be connected to GPIO6. So you could try this to take it out of reset:

echo 6 > /sys/class/gpio/export echo out > /sys/class/gpio/gpio6/direction echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio6/value