Does mangoh red wp85 support slave SPI mode


Hello everyone,

I tried to connect my mangoh red to a raspberry Pi 3 through SPI as follows:

  • Rpi is the master which should send data frequently.
  • mangoh red should be the slave to receive the data.
    I run successfully an spi loopback example in my mangoh red but when it comes to receive data from RPi it fails.

Does the mangoh red support the slave mode in spi?



No. The WP is master mode only, and off the top of my head so is the CP2130 USB-SPI bridge used on the RPi connector.

I’m also pretty sure that the WP doesn’t support slave mode on the I2C interface either.

You’ll have to do it over serial (unfortunately).

ciao, Dave


Thanks for the assurance, I figured out that lately.
I’m making it through uart.