Documentation (corrections) and Next Steps

Hello All,

I’ve finally worked through all the documentation available for this board (at least I think I have, there are just 3 of them) and as requested wanted to provide some feedback as well as ask what’s next.

Feedback First:
Getting started guide

  • the board I have doesn’t have the CF module soldered down, instead its in a socket, are they all like this or just Rev 8 (Page 7 first bullet point)

  • The kit I was provided with did not have the M2 screws (Page 7)

  • Image on Page 8 shows the buzzer not populated but the board I reviewed has it, it’s also mentioned in the guide a few times

  • The ON/OFF switch is labeled backwards, where center of the board (labeled ON) is infact off and edge of the board is ON. (Page 11)

  • when logged into Octave and receiving data, there was nothing under Observations initially, there was however data under Resources. (Page 17)

  • Page 23 Step 5, I get an error and I’m sure I’m online with my VM:
    mangoh@mangoh-virtualbox:~/myWorkspace$ leaf search -t mangOH
    Fetching remote mangOH
    Can’t fetch remote mangOH
    Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)
    please check your network connection,
    or check the remote URL in leaf remote list,
    or you can disable the remote with leaf remote disable mangOH
    │ 0 package - Filter: only master and +mangOH │

As I cant Install and run LEAF, this is as far as I can go with this document. :frowning:

User Guide

  • Page 9, My kit did not come with an expansion connector to connect to another board (referring to the SMD part not the wire harness)

  • Page 9, Step 6 ON/OFF are in the opposite directions

  • Page 12, 3.1 ON/OFF are in the opposite directions

  • Page 13, Step 2 the image has some randomly placed lines in them. I believe they should be indicating which two headers are used to elect the input power.

  • Page 15, Section 3.2 There is no mention here that SW403 needs to be altered to have the external antenna selected

Hardware architecture

  • Page 16, table 2-2, I was unclear how to read the first two columns. The first is the pin number and its use on the IoT Expansion card and the second column is the signal that it connects to on the CF module I assume but with pin numbers provided in the second column I got confused (we don’t genary reference CF pin numbers I don’t believe)

  • Page 19, Figure 2-5, the dashed line that can be connected by adding a resistor should be R604 instead of R608 and from what I can see it is populated according to the schematics. Also ADC0 (Pin 20) is labeled as ADC3 and ADC3 (Pin 37) is labeled PPS on the schematic.

  • Page 26, Figure 2-13 The resistor labeled as DNI is R205 and it should be mentioned it can not be populated because that GPIO is shared with the generic button (either you use the Magnetometers interrupt or the generic button)

  • Page 30, 2.4.20 There is some random text at the end of the description.

  • Page 37, Table 2-13 Switch position needs to be corrected. Center of board is OFF and edge of board is ON

Now that I have gone through all the documentation I would be interested in doing something with this board. I’d love to try develop my own project, is there any information on how to go about doing this. What would be my next steps to keep advancing with this board.


My error of not installing LEAF was resolved using this thread

Thank you all there who helped resolve the issue


Hi Kas,

thanks for the feedback. As you have the giveaway hardware, it is different than the final one you get from Digikey or Richardson. The guide is built for the final hardware.

@jbartol can you review the user and hardware guide feedback and update information as needed?

Thank you @asyal for the response.

Can I ask what are the major differences and will any of those differences prevent me from updating the firmware. Also is there any information on how to move forward with the MangOH Yellow?

Also I did get LEAF installed and its now completing the latest firmware. I have not uploaded it yet. After seeing your comment I’m worried about bricking the board (Rev 8).

Any information how to proceed would be very much appreciated.