Disabling base legato


I am trying to create a custom image without legato but I couldn’t disable base legato(Usr 0 ) Partition as the board was already flashed with full image with complete legato.

I erased Usr1 partition with the help of swiflash tool. Can anyone tell me how to disable base legato software.


I imagine you would have to get the yocto Linux source tarball and modify the recipes to exclude the Legato parts. I haven’t done this myself, so I can’t say exactly how difficult it will be.


Hi Dfrey,
I do have the same issue, what if the board has a base legato already flashed, will the partitions are completely erased or how does it works. Could you explain the procedure if you have done it.


Hi Dfrey,

Does disabling legato_build will not erase legato completely? What does user0 partition of legato contains?



I’m also interested in erasing legato from the mangOH Red and building a custom yocto image. I would like to know if someone has any hints/leads on the subject.

Thank you,