Disable or automate login authentication setup

Currently working on getting a WP7607 based board ready for production. At first start, some things will need to be configured like ethernet, firewall, some applications need to be installed etc. Most of this can be automated with plink (putty command line) running from a batch script.

The first time you connect with the WP7607 (through the USB port) the login authentication setup is started where you can choose whether you want ssh keys, password or ‘do nothing’. This menu requires user interaction… is there a way to omit this setup? I already found that it’s possible to set a password with plink and usermod, which seems to work, but the auth. setup is still started after logging in and entering the new password.

Any help would be appreciated.

you can see here:

I think the file /mnt/flash/config/system/etc/noLoginNag controlling this behavior.

Thanks, creating that file does the trick!