Disable NB-IOT for mangOH yellow

We have the problem with our mangOH yellows that they connect in the US in several cases to NB-IOT.

How we can bring a mangOHJ board that is running in the NB-IOT mode back to LTE-M1 or 2G?
We have send the two following commands via Bluetooth to the board.


After sending these two commands we have plugged the mangOH off from the power and plug it in again to have a complete restart.
One of the boards has connected to LTE after that.
But we have 5 more boards which does not connect to LTE or GSM after the restart.

Do we need to reset a specific part of the mnagOH to bring it out of the NB-IOT loop?

Have you compared the at!band? Between ok and nok modules?

Can it attach to gsm if you force it to gsm by at!selrat

Have tested a second one and set the two AT commands.
after that i send reboot now.
The mangOH start up and connected to LTE and send data.

Perhaps the reboot command was the key.