Disable low energy mode in octave

Hi all
I built a dash board to MangOH Yellow on aws, the info get from Octave API.
How can configure the device that didn’t get to low energy mode?
I need to show the parameters on all day, and after some time it’s disconnected, and I loose my connection with the cloud.
Anyone having this annoying problem and know how to solve it?


Can you try to use the external antenna provided in the kit ?

I’m on external antenna. Also whit integrated anttena the connection it’s fails.
Maybe it’s some app that i need to configure?

which part of the world are you in ? :slight_smile:
Is it a 2G connection or LTE-m connection you get?

can u run
logread -f
on a terminal to see the failure message?

I’m on LTE, The absorption is good, around -50 dB. The GPS is always connected. When the streamers work, they are constantly broadcasting.
Actually the problem as I understand it is, because the stream to the server goes out of the resources, every reset of the device or the network fall down the resources are reset

How can I solve this problem? With such a disconnect, I have to redefine all the resources, and it is impossible to build a product like this when the octave is unstable …

@Elkanamol Hi, What do you mean by “low energy mode” ?

@jvermillard This means that while the device is connected for a long time, the sensors go into energy-saving mode and the device stops transmitting to the cloud.
So it stops the whole broadcast sequence, and that is what I want to solve.

What would cause the sensors go into energy saving mode? Do you have any log messages?