Direction of "ADC" signal


“ADC” = Analogue to Digital Converter - so I would expect this to be an input.

But the IoT Connector Design Specification (4117166, Rev 4), Section 3.8, calls it an “Output”.

There is a note saying, “Direction with respect to IoT Connector” (sic); but that doesn’t really help, as a “connector” just passes signals through - in one side and out the other!

If it was an output from the IoT board (“module”?) towards the Host, that would make sense to me.

The mangOH schematics seem to show it as an output from the magOH main board to the IoT connector.

The mangOH Developer’s Guide is unhelpful - it just shows everything with 2-way arrows!

Please clarify!

A diagram with clear direction arrows would be best.



mangOH schematic:

The ADC line is shown with an arrow going to the connector; ie an output from the mangOH board to the IoT module

And yet, at the WP module, it is shown going in to the module:



So I guess the question comes down to: what, exactly, does it mean by, “IoT Connector”?

Is it:

  • The edge connector on the IoT board itself?


  • The connector on the main board into which the IoT board is inserted?


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the feedback. We will update the docs.
Direction for ADC is input to the CF3 module or output from IoT Expansion card.

We have also made some changes to the naming convention, that all documents will show in the next 2 weeks
• IOT Expansion Cards = is the category terminology to describe all the various expansion cards
• [Technology] Expansion Card = one expansion card variant (ie. CAN Bus Expansion Card – we’ll drop the IOT when referring to a specific variant)
• IOT Connector = the I/O interface where IOT Expansion Cards plug into

I hope this clarifies things.



OK; thanks - I think I’d convinced myself that was the case …