Device will not enumerate


I’m attempting to get my mangOH red up and going using the Getting Started Guide as a reference. I installed the Windows driver 4773 and upgraded the firmware for the WP7502 device to R15(sprint). However, during the upgrading of the firmware, the device will not stay enumerated, meaning in the Device Manager, the entry under Modems doesn’t stick, neither does the NMEA Port entry under Ports (It’s there and then goes away during the upgrade process). Just the DM Port stays. Rebooting doesn’t fix things. It seems there is an error during the firmware upgrade. Here’s the output:

FDT version: 1.0.1708.0
Awaiting suitable port or adapter …
Switching to streaming mode …
Downloading images …
Writing image
Flashing image
Awaiting adapter …
Enabling selective suspend …
Firmware download failed.
Primary error code: 82 - Failed in checking modem mode.
Secondary error code: 0 - Not applicable.
Device error code: 0x0 - Unknown device error code.

Any help will be appreciated as I am unable to go any further with the mangOH red device.


where did you get your WP7502 from?


It came with the mangOH red.