Developing applications using Sierra Wireless Studio with legato 17.09



Is there a way to use Sierra Wireless Studio IDE using newer legato versions than 16.10, or is there perhaps another IDE used by other developers that can build and install the apps on mangOH boards?
The newest SW Studio says to have support for 17.09, but I cannot seem to get it working properly. Any help or advice appreciated, thanks!

gpioExpanderServiceRed, mqttClient and redSensorToCloud apps don't appear in the app status list

Hi @basti

By default, packages proposed by DS are the ones that are matching with the official products releases.
Cf for more information regarding the release process.
Last official release for WP85/WP75 at the moment is still R14 with Legato 16.10.3 inside.

That said, you can build a newer framework version by your own, and get it to work with DS.
Instructions here:


Hi @daav,

Thanks! That seemed to work perfectly.