Developer Studio support for Legato version 19.04


I´m testing Mango Yellow. Mango Yellow cames with Legato version 19.04 that is not supported on Developer Studio 5.3.1- Supported Legato versions now are : [16.01 - 19.01]. Are you going to update Developer Studio to support the latest versions of Legato?


Hi @Larumbe2019,

With a little bit of effort, it’s possible to add any Legato version to Developer Studio if you’d prefer to use that over the command-line, or even the Legato Plugin for VSCode -

See this post to guide you - Adding newest version Legato Framework into Developer Studio

The information there was posted in 2017 before Leaf was released.
I’d recommend you first install Leaf if you haven’t already then install the relevant package(s) for your target(s):

Now, do Step 2 a little bit differently:

  • Add two new repositories; one for the Legato Framework, one for the Legato Toolchain Package.
    Both should point to your Leaf workspace profile directory with the Legato version you wish to use. Something like this:
  1. /your_leaf_workspace_path/leaf-data/{leaf_profile_name}/{target}-legato
  2. /your_leaf_workspace_path/leaf-data/{leaf_profile_name}/{target}-toolchain

  • “Install” both packages.

When it comes to Step 3, after you’ve Duplicated and given a name to your New Target Platform, you’ll need to select both the Toolchain and the Application Framework in the Package selection tabs. Select the packages matching the version numbers as they appeared in the Available Packages window back in Step 2.

Click Apply and Close and you’re done.

Note that you may receive a warning message about the (lack of) support for the new Legato version but It appears to be just that, and it works just fine.

I know there are plans to end support for Developer Studio.

Someone from the Legato team should now if there’ll be any more updates.

I should note that building Applications appears to work fine. However, installing a System which was built in DS with an unsupported Legato version causes errors.