Destination net unreachable?

Hi all!
While I was trying wifi apps, in particular wifiApTest (to make my mangOH green connected to the wifi and used ad a router), my board went into an unreachable situation, I see “destination net unreachable” when I ping it. I tried also to execute .exe fw, but can’t solve the problem, I can’t access to my board. How can I solve?

What do you see in device manager


There is uart console in mangoh board
You can see what happens there

How can I access to it? I can’t use AT commands since I can’t do ssh…

There is a uart connector

    I can't use it I'm using serial to debug but i don't see anything

Type at!mapuart? In the modem port and see what is the return


Type it in modem port, not your linux terminal!!!

With serial port on teraterm?

modem port!!!



it was a problem of dropbear shh functions that were not available (but I don’t know why :sweat_smile:)