Designing a product using WP8548 and Ethernet LAN9514 on HSIC


We are designing a product using the WP8548, based on the mangOH Green.
We are using the existing USB3503 between the WP HSIC port and the LAN9514 USB hub with ethernet port.

The mangOH Green schematic shows the USB3503 pins “Hub_connect” and “Hub_int” are connected via several I2C expanders.

Somewhere in the source code for the mangOH Green, these two signals will be used to determine when the hub is connected and that the ethernet connection can be used. It will set up the GPIO expanders via the I2C bus, which then reports the status of these 2 pins to the WP micro.

So I have the following questions:
a. where is the mangOH Green source code that deals with that part of the system?
b. Where in the code do I look for status of these 2 pins?
c. How do I compile it? Is it a simple .so, or do I have to recompile the kernel?



Hi Andrew,
We are using the native linux drivers built in WP for USB3503 and LAN9514. For that particular driver, we didnt use the interrupt pin nor the hub connect pin in the driver. We tie it to 3V3 as defined in the datasheet. For the hub connect pin, it is an input pin and we tie to 3V3. I think you will have to dig into the linux driver itself to see how they use the interrupt pin and hub connect pin.



Hi Asyal,
Thank you very much. I have tied them to the rail with the option of connecting them to the WP GPIO pins.

I shall find out if it works when the hardware arrives!