Default build config problems


Dear community,

I downloaded and installed the 18.04 VM available for the Orange Starter Kit.
I achieved to do the

Then I wanted to use the “developer studio” application, but I have a tremendous number of error, even with the default code, and I don’t know what to do to remove them.

For instance, the ‘bool’ or ‘uint_32’ types are not recognized by the compiler.

What should I do?



Bonjour Louis-Adrien,

Could you check that the VM you downloaded from is named “mangOH Dev using Legato 18.09.0 on Ubuntu 18.04 - r2.ova” (the important part is the “r2”).




Yes I confirm, I have the right VM version.

If that helps, the host is a Ubuntu 16.04. I’m working with people using Windows, so using the same VM should be simpler to share work. However, for a reason, they do not have this problem with their Windows host.




When you trigger a build, do you get the app built (i.e. if the .update file generated)?
What are the messages in the Console view?

Because sometimes, the Eclipse C/C++ Indexer is somehow broken, raising errors markers (“Semantic error”), but this doesn’t prevent the project to be built correctly.


Hey daav,

I couldn’t find the .update file, but the build looks ok. I don’t have error message in the Console panel, so I assume everything is fine.

Also, the related errors in the Problems panel are all of Semantic Error type. So it seems to be caused by the Eclipse C/C++ Indexer you pointed out.

Even if the code built correctly, is there a way to fix this?



Ok I fixed it:

Select the top of the project in the explorer on the left (OrangeStarterKit)
Go to Project > C/C++ Index > Rebuild

It should resolve the errors. You have to select one by one the files or top directories, so the IDE realizes that the errors are fixed.

Thanks for the help !