Default battery charging



The mangOH Red Developers guide section 2.8 indicates that SW401:5 is used to enable/disable battery charging on the mangOH red; and the User Guide section 3.5.2 indicates that if the switch is on that the mangOH will recharge the batter and keep it topped up.

Does the 'Red automatically charge the battery, or does the battery charger electronics need to be kicked into life using the appropriate service/API?

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The BQ24296 datasheet indicates that in can work autonomously - without host interaction - but that still leaves the question of whether Legato does intervene …


Battery charger works when pin 5 is up. Are you having issues?


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Ta. I don’t think so. But other LiIon management IC’s I’ve used in the past needed to be poked to start the charging process and I just want to be sure.

Another question: Will the battery be charged if the WP is in ULPM and external power is supplied to the USB connection?

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Yes, it will continue to be charged. the battery charging is all done in the TI charger.
The battery charger API that we will built allows you to do monitoring only.


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