DCS SSID setting - config tree

I’m trying to revisit how how implement wifi and trying to use the le_dcs api. I’m trying to follow the test app in folder dataConnectionServiceTest but every time I run it, I get failed because it appears there is no default ssid set in the cfg tree. I see in the documentation that its expecting the following structure:

useDefaultRoute == true
SSID == TestSsid
secProtocol == 3
passphrase == Passw0rd
profileIndex == index
protocol == 0
server == my.time.server.com

When using the tool ‘config’ on the command line, I cannot see anything regarding the config tree. When trying to create this myself, it seems to only add to the system config tree. Is this the proper place to set this?

Have you tried the wifi client command?

Yes, I have used it and have functional wifi through an interim app and script, but to productionize our setup, we want to have an application monitor the wifi. I was thinking that the preferred approach was to use the DCS api. Should I instead bypass it and interact directly with wifiService?

To be clear, the reason i’m investigating this is because with our current app, there is some negative interaction between our app interacting directly with wifiService and the dataConnectionService as I’ve seen the dataConnectionServer request a restart of the wifiService and then it broke our app. There appeared to be 2 services telling the wifiService what to do which is in conflict to what I want.

How about just controlling the wifi service and not using the dcs api?