Datalogger MangoH Red

I am trying to create a datalogger on Manogh Red board and fairly new to this module. I need to collect time-series data for GPS coordinates, battery level, light, gyro, temp and store it locally with a periodic update to the server. Can someone provide any leads on how to approach this problem?

Things I have tried:

  1. Airvantage using the RedSensor application updates all the relevant sensor data but limited to the 15-minute heartbeat.
  2. Tried the datalogger application in the test folder of MangoH but it only creates empty data files with “[ ]” and is not time logged.

Any example reference or suggestions would be much appreciated.


What do you mean by “limited to the 15-minute heartbeat”?

You can use my mangoh source here (mangOH_2-7-2019) and see if the redsensor has this limitation.