DataHub app missing?


There is an app called datahub which provides the io.api required form some apps in the new mangOH.sdef but I cannot find this app so the build fails. Any idea what is this about?


Resolved the issue. The app can be found at this location.

Add it to ${LEGATO_ROOT}/legato/apps/sample/
name the folder “dataHub”
Comment the $LEGATO_ROOT/apps/sample/datahubGps/gpsSensor if using legato lower than 18.09 legato.
Run make


That version from Jen’s github page was the original version. More recently, the DataHub application appears under apps/sample/dataHub/ in Legato 18.09.0.


I can’t seem to find it. What could be the issue?


Legato uses repo to glue together a collection of git repositories specified by a manifest. You can see the relevant section in the manifest here:


On a another note can I use the dataHub service to store data like I asked before? Can it be used as a replacement for a database?


@asifarshad: I believe the dataHub is intended more as a data routing service rather than a data storage service. I think you might be better off asking data hub questions on the Legato forum since that team is maintaining the application.