Data transmission from India


We are working on deploying MangOH Red to capture some sensor data at a customer site in India.

My question is how would this data be transmitted from Sierra cloud?
What would be approximate costs involved in sending data all the way from India?

If this is going to be really expensive, what other options are available to bring data back to the Sierra cloud?

Any documents or links to case studies for international customer etc would be very helpful.

Thank you very much for an expeditious response.



Hi Bobby,

If you are using mangOH trial account then you can deploy to get your PoC done. We will introduce you to our cloud team to convert PoC to product separately.



Thanks Ashish.

This trial deployment would be the POC, that will hopefully convert to “Production runs” in next couple of months. We have more clients in the queue, so we just want to ensure that we pick the right cloud solution/platform that sends data to us in a cost effective manner from various parts of the world. We would also host our proprietary algorithms on the cloud as part of the POC.

I would appreciate intro to your cloud team to move this forward.



Is the distance actually relevant?


That’s a good question, Andy.

Our understanding is that if data is sent via a mobile network, it would be expensive sending long distances from other countries etc.?


No - data calls are just charged by the volume of data.

Unless you’re using circuit-switched data?

Or India is unusual.


You are right, Andy.

Costs with certain data volume is the question.
We may have significant amount of data to send over, so just wondering that would it mean in $s?


Well, that would be a commercial negotiation with the provider - @asyal has already said that he’ll put you in touch with the team for that.