Data throughput test


Hi ,

we had a succesful UE Attach with wp7608 of mangOH red with the Airvantage IOT cloud.
Now at this stage we would like to perform a data throughput test.
Is this service available in Airvantage account or with mangOH ?
Please provide some inputs.




Throughput testing is not something that you can really do on the server as it is a general test that can be performed with external tools although the results can be pretty meaningless unless you are using the network at the same location as you want to deploy your application.

There is an apps note that has been produced discussing throughput testing in a test environment.

The general rule of thumb I use with this sort of thing is you take the theoretical max (as stated in the technical spec) and cut it in half, that will be your average real world speed over the for the tech you are on (be it 2G, 3G or LTE).