Couldn't find file 'io.api'


Trying out sample app RedSensorToCloud on MangoH red for wp7608
with SDK for WP76 (Release 13.3 + Legato 20.04.0)

while mkapp following error popping up
myWorkspace/apps/RedSensorToCloud/components/avPublisher/Component.cdef:6:17: error: Couldn’t find file ‘io.api’.

in my legatoAF I can locate io.api at apps/sample/datahub

Pardon my understanding as I am just a beginner

Thanks in advance.

I don’t see problem with the R13.3 components:,-d-,1-components/#sthash.13BE7Elj.dpbs

1.Install the toolchain by

  1. Build the legato framework
    cd /home/owner/legato/packages/legato.framework.19.2.0.wp76xx-201906171244/resources/legato
    make clean
    . bin/configlegatoenv
    make wp76xx
    source ./build/wp76xx/

  2. download the mangOH source:
    cd /home/owner/Downloads/mangOH-master/
    git clone --recursive git://
    cd mangOH

  3. open the shared.sdef, and comment out this line:
    //#include “${LEGATO_ROOT}/modules/WiFi/wifi.sinc”

  4. build the source by
    make red_wp76xx