Could not load the required module, can_iot.ko. (LE_FAULT)

Hi all!
I’m trying to build my own project, obviously starting from the mangOH project folder of gitHub. I am interested in CAN drivers. To reassure you :grin:: after a lot of effort in March, I was able to see the CAN, but precisely on a project that is not mine and that I cannot even open in VsCode where I am developing the software.

To make the CAN drivers work I need to activate the mux commands and the gpio expander and add can drivers to kernel module. I am able to import the mux directories and then the mux commands via the sdef, gpio expanders though and i2c interface, so I include this in the kernel (just like I see in the mangOH project):

wp7607 requires only can_iot.c and mcp251x, being a 9x07 machine.
I have this problem (that I don’t have on mangOH green project!).

Have I to add or consider something other?
Am I doing something wrong in your opinion? Is there anything else to include? I would like to build myself the drivers for the CAN and put them together with the other things I am doing. Alternatively, in the worst case, if I really can’t, do you think it is possible to open the mangOH project in VSCode? I can’t do it and I can’t continue building it from must linux because I need to add the apps I’m making and modify them as they go. Any help is appreciated. Thank you all

Okay I solved :smiley:, I write here in order to make the information available to all and finally close the can bus problem. Unfortunately I noticed that it is not good to include mcp251x and can_iot in the kernel, but you have to act with #include that you see on the last line and recall the file shared.sdef from your sdef, obviously removing all the apps you do not need (in my case i data routers, since I created an app for mqtt myself). I tried to include the shared.sdef #includes in my sdef, but unfortunately it doesn’t work. Maybe there is some other addiction that I can’t see at the moment. In any case, I am satisfied even so. Greetings to all