Cortex M4 RTOS functionality



Is the Cortex M4 inside WP module or is it populated in Mango Red board?
Cortex A4 fuctionality will be, battery life allowig power on/off WP, HW watchdog and RTOS.
Will there be source code samples in Eclipse showing these functionalities?

How will be programming the Cortex A4?




Hi ,

Cortex M4 is on the MTK WiFi/BT chipset and available for user processing.
Cortex M4 usage is open to end customers to decide how they want to use. We will be releasing more information on the architecture in early January.
Schematics and PCB will be available by Dec 6th online. Note that final production version will go through some changes compared to what we release in Dec.



Hello Asyal

Is the information and schematics of Mango Red ready? When the board will be ready to buy?

Presentations of December CA developper day are not available. Where can I download them?




Hello Isabel,

We are receiving the first batch of final hardware end of next month, with mass production due in early June.
This would means units should be available by mid July at the distributor warehouses.



Thank you Ashish

Do you have scehmatics avalable? What is the MTK WiFi/BT reference used in Mango Red?



The schematics are now available - see: MangOH Red release?

The MediaTek WiFi+BT chip is MT7697D:



Hi Andy/Isabel,

There has been a few updates to the schematic since then. I will post the latest & final version in couple weeks time frame.
Note that we are using MT7697 and not MT7697D.


mangOH Red WiFi - single or dual band?

OK - thanks.

Is that a change, then?
The DV3 (10 Jan) schematics say, “MT7697IDN” (although that order code isn’t listed in either the MT7697 or the MT7697D datasheet)

From the MediaTek website:

MT7697D key features
The difference between MT7697 and MT7697D is that, MT7697D supports additional features below:
IEEE 802.11 a
5GHz band
Dual-band 1T1R

So I guess the ‘D’ is for “Dual-band” … ?


Yes, there is a change.
As mentioned on the thread it was not the final schematic.
We plan to officially launch July 7th( world mango day) on multiple distributors world wide . Schematics and all material will be provided before the launch.


Indeed - cheers.



So that’s the single-band version; not dual band?

Which raises this question: mangOH Red WiFi - single or dual band?


RTOS in MT7697 is FreeRTOS?
there is also plans for the RTOS in the WP module itself?


MT7679 RTOS is FreeRTOS.
WP85,75 do not have FreeRTOS .


thanks for confirming, i believe there is plans for an RTOS in the modules themselves (as announced at Innovation Summit) but if you cant share dates yet then thats ok


Just to clarify…

The MT7697 chip included in the mangOH Red has reference software which is based on FreeRTOS and the LinkIt SDK. We are working on a specific firmware build that will enable WiFi access to the WP module. It is also be possible to run user code on the MT7697 chip, but we haven’t documented that use case yet. If you’re curious, you can check out the documentation provided by MediaTek in their SDK


thanks David,
so the user firmware will go onto the MT7697 chip and will expose an interface to the WP module of the wifi chip on the MT7697? So the WP code can turn MT7697 wifi on and off etc? am i getting that right


The wifi capabilities of the MT7697 will be exposed over a SPI interface so that the WP module can use the wifi just like any other wifi device in linux. I hope that it will also be possible to write realtime code for the MT7697 and exchange information with the WP over the SPI interface. The design is done and the implementation is underway, but there is no documentation yet.


Hi all,

do we have now more documentation on how the end user can program the Cortex M4/FreeRTOS on MT7697 on the Mangoh Red?

It would also be nice to have some code examples or even simple application use cases where the Cortex M4 is used on the Mangoh Red board to complement the application core on the WP.



I wrote this short wiki page a while back. This is all that exists for now

This page shows what is available in the MediaTek SDK:

There are docs on the FreeRTOS site as well:
You have to be a bit careful because the bundled FreeRTOS is a bit older than the 9.0 version that is documented on the freertos site.