Container Tracking and Smart Boat Demo Apps

I am trying to load the Demo scripts to the mangOH board but I have couple of questions about the files in github folder:

  1. $LEGATO_ROOT; $LEGATO_WIFI_ROOT;$MANGOH_ROOT and more, where are these variables defined? When the project imports to Developer Studio tool, requires api is not able to find.

  2. From the sdef file, there is a list of apps that requires. Do I need to compile and install all of them to the mangOH board? “gpioExpanderServiceGreen” is the same as “gipoService”?



3… There is prerequisites for “Container Tracking”, would these prerequisites also apply to “Smart Boat”? Is there any instructions about “Smart Boat” available?

4… When I load the app, like “dataRouter”, into the board, its status is “running”, but it is actually has not problems, like error message “le_men_ForceAlloc() 841”. I am a newbie to this so I found it hard to debug because when I build the project, there is no error. When I load the app to the board and it is running, but it actually has problem. Since it has not executing the my print statement in .c file so I am not able to understand where the problem is. Any suggestions would help!


I found some of the answers:

  1. here explains about the path:
    Switching from repo to git submodules

2.gpioExpanderServiceGreen" are the same as “gipoService” and we need both to make things work. Whatever is defined in .sdef needed to install into the board.