Connection drop out wp85



I currently am working in Ubuntu in a VM on Windows 10. I have a MangOH Green board with a wp85 device installed. I begin with this technology and I follow the online documentation step by step.

I am in the section there where it is necessary to test the HelloWorld program included in the legato environment. I managed to compile and to install the program on the card, but when I try to connect at the card, at the end of a few seconds I am automatically disconnected and a code of error returned (255).

Can you provide any help?
Thanh you.


Do you mean your development Host disconnects from the Target?

How are you connecting?

If using USB, have you disabled the Ubuntu Modem Manager?

See “ECM-USB modem manager issue” here:


but when I try to disable the Modem Manager, the program return:
“Package ‘modemmanager’ is not installed, so not removed”