Connecting to WiFi

Hi, I’m using MangOh red with WP7502 and the latest firmware. I need to make a connection to WiFi. When I try to start wifi client, le_wifiClient_start returns with error. Is there a builtin wifi on mango red or do I need to install external wifi card and/or some drivers?

Hi Elmo

I think you use builtin wifi you need to follow:

Or you can use WiFi Bluetooth NFC IoT Card.

Thank you, I guess I managed to get WiFi working. But when I rebuilt mango system, it replaced framework version 18.06.4 with 18.09.0 and that broke my existing projects. Nothing seems to be working as they used to. How can I rebuilt mangOH system with framework version 18.06.4?

Hey @Elmo,

Keep in mind that each time you build your apps (on their own using mkapp or using mksys for a system bundle), you are always building them against some Legato target (likely 18.06.4). Try changing your build environment to Legato 18.09.0, then your apps will be compatible.

Happy hacking,