Connect MangOH Red to wifi module via internet

Hi, i am trying to connect mangoh module to a wifi module via the internet (not from the same network- from anywhere). Could someone please help me to know how to connect?



Do you mean you want to use the wifi iot card?

No, Not the wifi IoT card. MangoH LTE module (not Wifi IoT card) will connect/send/receive data with a Wifi module such as Wifi camera (

What is the protocol using to connect with the wifi camera

Actually, i don’t know yet which protocol but which protocol mangoh can support normally?

You can try curl, gstreamer, ffmpeg.

Btw, how do you connect if you don’t know the protocol?

thanks, yes i don’t know yet, if you tell me then i would know about it more, how can i connect? If you have any example it would be appreciated such as a simple wifi/Bluetooth communication protocol example?

Thanks again.

" a simple wifi/Bluetooth communication protocol example"does not mean it can connect to your wifi camera.

Probably you should studied in deep with your camera

I am just wondering to have a communication between mangoh and wifi module?

You can try http protocol maybe