Configuring WP7702 for NB-IoT



I was informed there is no AT command reference yet for the WP7702 module, but that WP76xx has basically the same commands. I am looking through the reference, but cannot find a way to force it to use NarrowBand IoT.
I need to use either LTE Band 3 or Band 20. But for example when trying AT!GETBAND? it throws: !GETBAND: Unknown

Any input on this is appreciated! Thanks.


I spoke with someone on the WP77 team and they had this to say:

Yeah there isn’t a way to force the device into NBIOT mode only right now, that’s still in progress. But we can ask which Release this customer is using. If he’s using Release 7 FW, then he can use AT!SELACQ=LTE-NB1 to force the UE into scanning the LTE NB1 bands first.
and AT!RESET afterwards to apply the setting


Thanks for the answer @dfrey. The firmware I am using is version Not sure what Release it is since it is a custom release provided to us.

Commands returned OK, but I guess there is no way of knowing what network one is using right now? Could you check with the team if there is a AT command reference (other than the WP76xx which states stat !SELACQ is removed) that is up to date for WP77? Thank you again!


Based on my conversation with SW sales team, don’t expect full NB-IOT support until Q2 of 2018


Okay. But just something I thought about. What if you were to put the modem in LTE mode only, and then set AT!SELACQ=LTE-NB1. Wouldn’t that force it to use NB-IoT in theory?


I received another response from the WP77 team member:

they can use AT+COPS? to check what RAT they are currently registered on, after they have successfully registered on the network.

If the RAT shows as 7, it’s LTE CAT-M1. If it’s 9, then it’s LTE NB1 network. From 3GPP specs 27.007 AT+COPS documentation:

: integer type; access technology selected
1 GSM Compact
3 GSM w/EGPRS (see NOTE 1)
4 UTRAN w/HSDPA (see NOTE 2)
5 UTRAN w/HSUPA (see NOTE 2)
6 UTRAN w/HSDPA and HSUPA (see NOTE 2)
8 EC-GSM-IoT (A/Gb mode) (see NOTE 3)
9 E-UTRAN (NB-S1 mode) (see NOTE 4)


Thanks @dfrey!

With AT+COPS? I got:

+cops: 0,0,“244 12 DNA”,9

So I am guessing it is on NB-IoT now. I also forced RAT to LTE (as I mentioned in the previous comment) just to avoid it switching to GSM.