Config toolchain wp85


Hello I’m new to mangoh and legato development and I have a serious problem with installation…
I’m following the legato-af Readme and “make wp85” doesn’t work.

I don’t know how to install wp85 toolchain from sierra wireless website.

Thanks you very much. JD


The Legato toolchain is available for download here:

The development tools are for Linux, so you need to either run Linux on your development computer or use a virtual machine. If you are considering going the virtual machine route, then you may want to take a look at the VM that the we created. The VM is available at the bottom of this page under the “Windows” heading:

Does that help?


Hi David.

I am facing a similar issue here. I am using a linux machine rather than a VM.
Please look at this thread where I have shared information about what steps I have done.


Can you follow the Getting Started instructions for mangOH Red:

the only difference is, you need to run:
make green_wp85 instead of make red_wp85